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18CYSWM Oak Country Cappuccino
18CYBNP Oak Country Natural White
18CYBLM Oak Country Soft Grey
18CYBBM Oak Country White
18CUBRM Oak Natural
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The Majestic 3 strip collection offers you a real parquet with the optimum price and quality. 2.5 mm wood layer.

A range of exclusive and attractive parquets. And 100% Made in France!



  • Best Loc®  sayesinde kolay ve hızlı uygulama 
  •  Güncel stillere uygun cila ve renk seçenekleri
  • MasterResist® ile oldukça dayanıklı 


Best Loc

The angle-angle installation method The quality of its profile and the angular locking (length/width) makes it easy to lay without tools, glue or mallet. Experience shows this is certainly one of the best locking systems in the world.


Master Resist

Applied in 6 coats, this varnish provides a thick enough layer to ensure the protection and easy maintenance of your floor. It offers a beautiful satin, patina or matt look that you can find in the Palace and Majestic ranges.


Lifetime guarantee on Loc

BerryAlloc offers lifetime guarantee for residential use on its locking system


Parquets de France

A question of origin : 100% Made in France.

Our parquets are certified "Parquets de France", a label guaranteeing you the choice of a quality product made with French know-how, a true added value. Invest in a long-term choice, guaranteed by the radical choice of raw materials and manufacturing in line with very demanding criteria.

  • Ebatlar: 1180 x 210 x 11 mm  (Uzunluk x En x Kalınlık)
  • Paket ebatları :8 plaka / kutu  (1,98 m²)
  • Palet ebatları : 50 kutu / palet  (99,12 m²) 
  • Dekor sayısı: 7
  • Yerden ısıtma uyumluluğu : Uygun
  • Yangın Dayanımı : Dfl – s1
  • Formaldehit : E1
  • Termal Dayanım (meşe) : 0,066 m² K/W